New Frontier data paints an impressive picture for cannabis growth in the US

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In the next few years, despite no federal regulation, cannabis is going to explode

If huge marijuana cultivation was already evident in the US, wait until 2030 rolls around. According to data projected by cannabis data company New Frontier Data, a total of 27.7 million pounds of cannabis is expected to be cultivated by that year. Other key issues were highlighted that new cannabis producers must consider in order to achieve success.

“The continued activation of new legal markets will keep pushing existing cannabis producers to expand operations and draw new producers to the market,” said New Frontier Data CEO Gary Allen. “By basing their strategic plans around the seven key factors identified in this report, operators can capitalize on this massive market opportunity.”

According to a recent press release, the firm forecasts that by 2030, more than 27.7 million pounds of cannabis will be cultivated in the country. This would undoubtedly be a huge jump from the seven million that were grown in 2020. The total amount of new cultivation would be reflected through plants grown in a greenhouse, indoors or outdoors.

The report claims that a change in legal marijuana in different regions of the country coupled with cultivation trends is also beginning to recognize a major shift. Different climatic conditions will favor controlled environments over outdoor cultivation, given the length and depth of winters in the north or the humidity of summer in the south. This has been an important factor that has led to very high growth in this sector.

There is also a shift in resource efficiency, which continues to be important due to several factors. Similarly, irrigation through automated systems versus manual irrigation can also help save water, in addition to focusing on water recovery systems.

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