New fluid extraction systems comes to the marijuana industry

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Advanced Extraction Systems introduces an innovative method for processing cannabis

According to a press release from yesterday, Advanced Extraction Systems, Inc. (AESI) has designed a product that will facilitate larger amounts of marijuana extraction. The company bills the new innovation as “the highest throughput CO2 extraction system” ever created.

The extractor is a 2x1000L (expandable to 4x1000L) supercritical CO2 fluid extraction system. It can process around 4,500kg of dried biomass daily, or 1.6 million kg annually.

The company’s co-founder and chief operating officer, David Campbell, says, “Keeping up with our customers’ aggressive growth plans has to be at the forefront of our research and development goals. We design our equipment to be modular and expandable to scale up with our customers future capacity requirements.”

He adds, “We are very excited to see the Hemp Industry opening up after the passing of the 2019 Farm Bill in the United States. To date, an industry wide concern for Licensed Producers has been sourcing industrial scale CO2 extraction equipment with the ability to process tons of biomass. Our latest development is the perfect solution with impressive throughput numbers that will help ensure producers can grow their businesses to new heights.”

Nick Desroches, Engineering Manager for AESI further states, “Coriolis mass-flow meters are standard equipment on every system in our impressive and growing product line. Our newest 2X1000L system demonstrates a ground-breaking 100kg/minute flow-rate which is verified by the Coriolis mass-flow meter.”

AESI is based in Canada and designs, engineers and manufactures new technology that is designed to support the cannabis industry. According to the release, it sets itself apart from the competition in six technical areas – “better pump reliability, superior flow rates, superior fractionation, more phase management control, cGMP recipe development and scalability for future growth.”