New federal bill would create stiffer penalties for some cannabis products

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Cannabis products that look like candy might soon be off-limits

Candy-flavored marijuana products have become a sensation among consumers. However, because they have similarities to ordinary candy, they also sometimes attract the attention of many minors. A portion of the US Senate wants to crack down on those who sell these edibles to minors and have signed a new measure that would increase criminal penalties for those who engage in these illegal practices.

Senator Chuck Grassley has introduced the bill, which is supported by 25 other Republican co-sponsors. While the measure unveiled last week does not explicitly reference marijuana, it covers substances that are in Schedule I or II of the federal Controlled Substances Act.

As many already know, there are states that have legalized marijuana and yet have taken proactive steps to prohibit certain marketing that might appeal to minors. However, there remain some state markets that continue to pave the way for the sale of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-infused beverages and sell edible gummies and cookies.

When a state legalizes recreational marijuana, it must set an age limit that prevents people under the age of 21 from accessing cannabis stores. Even so, there are some dispensaries and brands that generally appear to be knowingly failing to meet the criteria for underage persons. This issue wants to be addressed by Grassley, imposing much harsher penalties for those who do not want to follow the letter of the law.

Should the legislation be enacted, persons prosecuted for such illegal activity could be facing up to ten years in addition if the product sold was in the shape or flavor of candy and is a first offense. If it is not the first offense, the time behind bars could be doubled.