New federal bill looks to pave the way for CBD as a dietary supplement

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Lawmakers are trying to give CBD federal protection through legislation

Hemp has always been recognized for having essential derivatives for dietary supplements and food additives. One of the most relevant compounds for that area is cannabidiol (CBD). However, due to current laws, CBD has not been able to legally become part of people’s supplemental routine. That scenario could change thanks to new bipartisan bills in Congress.

Following a new effort, several bipartisan lawmakers in Congress have launched a pair of pieces of legislation aimed at paving the way for the regulation of hemp derivatives such as CBD as dietary supplements and food and beverage additives. The CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act and the Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act were the two measures unveiled late last week.

Angie Craig and Morgan Griffith are the representatives who are sponsoring the measures. Both are hoping for different results this time around, considering that earlier versions of the proposals were not able to move forward in the last Congress. Many stakeholders and advocates believe that the recent announcement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it would not take action to regulate CBD will put pressure on lawmakers to act at this time.

Griffith asserts that there is confusion about the legal uses of CBD and hemp-derived products in the marketplace because the FDA has been slow to come up with an adequate regulatory framework. The lawmaker added that the American people need better guidance, something that could be achieved through its two new laws, which would pave the way for regulation in both the food and dietary supplement spaces.

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