New evidence shows CBD combined with chiropractic treatment can reduce autism symptoms

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Children suffering from autism can receive even greater treatment than previously anticipated

According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects one in every 59 children in the US. It seems to be that it tends to increase, since the figure has doubled what it was just two decades ago. As per the National Institute of Mental Health, the best way to approach this diagnose is to begin treatment as soon as possible to “reduce individuals’ difficulties while helping them learn new skills and make the most of their strengths.” And that is something that cannabidiol (CBD), along with chiropractic treatment, might be able to do for these children and families.

The standard treatments come with a load of medications for severe symptoms such as irritability, hyperactivity, anxiety, and depression, but also there are therapies to teach these children life skills important for the future. According to a review published by the journal Explore, “Chiropractic adjustment may attenuate sensorimotor integration,” which is important for this condition that comes with abnormal sensory processing. Another research links chiropractic with the behavior in children with ASD as discussed in the “Chiropractic Care of Special Needs Populations.”

Furthermore, the effects of cannabis, specifically CBD, has been observed more in recent studies. “The findings presented here, taken together, support the notion that many autism symptoms are associated with neuronal hyperexcitability, and indicate that CBD-enriched CE yields positive effects in multiple autistic symptoms, without causing the typical side effects found in medicated ASD patients. Most patients in this study had improved symptoms even after supervised weaning of other neuropsychiatric drugs. The intrinsic limitations of the present study, due to its observational nature, are the lack of control groups, the small cohort size, and potentially significant placebo effects. Further clinical trials are warranted to confirm these initial findings,” said one study published last year about the CBD-Enriched Cannabis sativa Extract on Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms. These two components together seem promising that, combined, could be the best treatment option for ASD.