New cannabis standards are coming to the industry through ASTM

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The international standards organization wants to bring more transparency to cannabis

Recently some new standards related to environmental conditions for packaging, shipping, and storing cannabis and hemp flowers received the go-ahead from ASTM International’s D37 cannabis committee. As a result, the industry and the operators involved in it will have to make some new adjustments to accommodate the new regulations.

The press release informing the move was sent out yesterday, stating that ASTM’s D37 cannabis committee gave the green light to specifically three standards for the aforementioned conditions. It is necessary for the parties involved to pay attention to these new alignments.

The first speaks to the standard specification for environmental conditions for post-packaging storage and retail marketing of cannabis/hemp flower (soon to be published as D8423). The next relates to the standard specification for environmental conditions during transit of packaged cannabis/hemp flowers (soon to be published as D8432). The last one relates to the standard specification for environmental conditions during the packaging of cannabis/hemp flowers (D8450).

ASTM member Jonathan DeVries made it clear that this measure was designed to address the entire marijuana supply chain, from transportation, cultivation and manufacturing to the end consumers of the entire process. He explained, “These standards are designed to support the safety and quality of packaged cannabis and hemp flower as it moves through the supply chain. This includes the activities following curing and drying, namely packaging, transit, and storage until it reaches the final end user.”

The same committee said it is still working on different standards related to these and has also opened a comments section for anyone interested to share their opinion. The cannabis industry has always lived in a changing space, so many companies have to adapt every day.