New cannabis social club set to launch in Denver

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Vape and Play will become Denver’s second marijuana lounge

Denver, CO is one of the most progressive cities in the country, especially when it comes to marijuana. The city will soon be home to two social consumption lounges when Vape and Play opens its doors next month on the Green Mile. The city’s other lounge, The Coffee Joint, has been in full swing since it opened in March of last year.

Vape and Play expects to hold its grand opening on February 18, but its owners aren’t waiting. They have been holding a series of soft-launches to test everything and make sure the lounge delivers on customer expectations.

In Denver, as in most areas where recreational marijuana has been legalized, there is still a lack of social acceptance, making it difficult for public consumption. While there is certainly a need to limit where marijuana can be consumed, social lounges are the perfect answer and Vape and Play hopes to be a model upon which other lounges are designed.

Vape and Play COO Megan Lumpkins states, “It’s maybe a little different than a ratty couch in a smoke-filled room. We wanted people to walk into this space and for it to feel familiar like this is a nice hotel lobby, this is a nice restaurant.”

Vape and Play plans on charging admission that will buy the consumer a two- or three-hour session. The sessions are designed to incorporate a number of social activities, such as live music, comedy shows or even fitness classes.

Marijuana lounges have been legal in Denver since 2016, but receiving a license is not an easy task. As the space progresses, Vape and Play is prepared to accept new lounges with open arms. Lumpkins states, “We would definitely want company because Denver could be a tourist destination for cannabis consumption lounges. So, when there’s only two of us, it’s not so much of a destination. We would welcome the company of other licensed spaces too.”