New cannabis research facility coming to Maine

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The facility will conduct different types of research on cannabis and its impact on health

The purpose of the research centers is the production of knowledge through the development of research lines where the different problems presented are framed to give them the best possible solutions, according to their field of action. In the case of the cannabis industry, these centers have been of utmost importance in order to have a better understanding of the benefits of the plant. Brunswick, Maine, seems to be the destination of a Florida-based research firm, which is in the final stages of obtaining a rare federal license and will soon be able to cultivate cannabis for medical research.

Nearly 40 companies have applied to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for a license authorizing them to grow cannabis for federal research. Maridose LLC is one company on that list. Currently, there are about 600 scientists nationwide who have federal approval to conduct cannabis research. At least two of them are located in the Pine Tree State.

For more than five decades, the University of Mississippi has monopolized all cannabis cultivation for federally approved research. However, following the increased interest in research on the plant, the DEA announced in 2016 that it would open its cannabis cultivation contract to other growers.

Opening that opportunity to other growers would definitely increase the volume and variety of cannabis for research. Maridose was born after Richard Shain, a former Procter & Gamble executive and product development specialist, joined Tikun Olam, Israel’s largest producer and legal supplier of medical marijuana.

The facility was established at TechPlace, the business incubator at Brunswick Landing. For now, it looks like the roughly 2,200 square feet is more than enough to get started. Still, Shain made it clear that he has plans for the facility to expand, with operations expected to begin next year.