New cannabis movie explores cannabis and its effect on the body and brain

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PBS and NOVA answer the hard questions about the benefits of cannabis

Much research around the US has been conducted in order to see what benefits marijuana has to offer. However, although legalization has a major impact, many scientists are still frustrated to learn that studies cannot be conducted properly. The plant is still prohibited by the Schedule I state, and communities of color are still at a higher risk of incarceration. In an effort to address both issues in the country, a new documentary has been released by PBS and NOVA called the Cannabis Question.

The film examines what scientists have discovered so far about the body and brain, as well as the potential medical risks and benefits of cannabis use. The film also covers many issues related to people of color who have long been highly disadvantaged by criminalization. The film was released yesterday and takes a fair and unbiased look at the way cannabis is being treated today.

“A majority of Americans now live in states where cannabis is legal. As more people make their own choices about cannabis use, this film explores what scientists have learned so far about the potential benefits and risks,” said NOVA Co-Executive Producer Julia Cort. “We hope The Cannabis Question will inspire people to join the national conversation about cannabis-informed by the science, and also by the story of how the plant has been weaponized against marginalized communities, causing irreparable harm.”

According to Sarah Holt, the director of The Cannabis Question, this is the first time a film of this kind has been released, which takes a closer look at the scientific research on how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid systems (ECS) of humans, especially when it comes to the brain and body in general.