New cannabis delivery platform emerges through POSaBIT and Onfleet Team

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The cannabis industry continues to evolve and improve through innovative solutions

The delivery and drive-thru of cannabis products are two services that have gained momentum since the beginning of the pandemic and have become so popular among consumers that today they are positioned as an important purchasing alternative. A new partnership between the delivery management company Onfleet and the cannabis sales platform POSaBIT continues to generate more options in this sector. The convenience of being able to order your favorite products online continues to be the target for many companies today. This alliance is a clear example of that.

In a press release yesterday, Seattle-based POSaBIT said the joining of forces extends its point-of-sale (POS) and payment technologies to the Onfleet platform, creating more efficiency and convenience for its entire customer base. Ryan Hamlin, co-founder and CEO of POSaBIT said, “Though platform already reliably serves cannabis delivery customers, integration with Onfleet helps to make our open platform the best in the market.”

The value of the marijuana market has seen a remarkable acceleration thanks to new industry legislation. As a result, thousands of jobs, business growth, and investments have been created, according to the release. It adds that companies must ensure that their infrastructure and processes are prepared to efficiently handle consumer demand, especially now that marijuana is legal in many more parts of the country.

A couple of weeks ago, POSaBIT unveiled an enhanced version of its POS platform. Users can now enjoy a revamped interface, while front-end functions and new back-end reports and information have been optimized. This all comes amid an era in which the marijuana market is evidencing increased demand for B2B payments, cash flow, and accounts receivable services.