New benefits to CBD consumption

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The facts are in and the general public needs to know

There’s no surprise in learning that cannabis can help relieve pain – it has been known that the plant was an excellent and natural pain reliever for centuries. What was unclear, though, was how it was able to provide relief and science is helping us understand better what is going on inside the plant that benefits the body. One of the most important cannabinoids in cannabis to be found so far is cannabidiol (CBD), which has a seemingly endless list of benefits for an array of health issues. Every day, more is being positively attributed to the power of CBD, and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.

In addition to treating pain and anxiety, CBD is also a natural appetite stimulant. This is extremely beneficial for those diagnosed with anorexia or bulimia, but can also be valuable for others, as well. One of the common side effects of cancer treatment is a loss of appetite, and CBD can help cancer sufferers eat more and eat better, aiding in their recovery.

CBD can also treat acne. There are a number of ways that this is possible, including from the natural anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD, as well as its antibiotics and the ability it has to suppress the creation of oil from the body’s sebaceous glands. That oil blocks the skin’s pores, which is one of the main reasons acne occurs.

The cannabinoid can also treat depression. Over 300 million people have been diagnosed with clinical depression and the medical community has the obligation to give those patients relief. If CBD can do that, without the negative side effects associated with lab-created solutions, then it needs to be prescribed, regardless of any social stigma.

CBD is quickly being uncovered for its extensive and valuable properties. To date, there has not been a single case of someone becoming addicted to CBD, nor has there been a case of someone dying from ingesting CBD – the same cannot be said for virtually every lab-based medicine available. It’s time that CBD be given the respect it deserves.