New Arizona bill seeks to protect marijuana consumers

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The bill enforces new measures to increase the quality of cannabis products

The marijuana market seems to be getting hotter and hotter in Arizona. That’s why some lawmakers are looking to make the consumer experience unique. The state legislature is awaiting a bill that would guarantee cannabis customers get what they pay for.

Through House Bill 2050, an outside lab is being sought to work hand-in-hand with the Department of Health Services (DHS) with the intent of verifying that recreational and medical dispensaries are selling what they claim on the labels. Justin Wilmeth is the Republican representative who is currently sponsoring this proposal, which received approval a few days ago.

The measure requires DHC to license non-profit medical dispensaries in counties where dispensaries are more than 25 miles away. While testing to ensure that marijuana is of quality is the primary focus, the legislation also addresses the number of dispensaries established in the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona has a total of 15 counties, and according to Senator David Gowan, voters have wanted to see dispensaries in each of them since medical marijuana was approved more than a decade ago. A 2019 law was intended to ensure that the DHC would grant new licenses in any county that didn’t have one.

Recent polls have made it clear that nearly 70% of registered voters in Arizona, as well as Utah and West Virginia, support federal cannabis legalization and want their senators to do what is necessary to maintain a pro-federal reform position this year. Since the recreational market became a reality in Arizona early last year, the state has stood out from the rest by implementing and launching it efficiently.