New AI-driven tool could be used to determine cannabis impairment

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Artificial intelligence may help innovate workplace and roadway safety

Detection of cannabis impairment has been one of the areas that many experts have been focusing on lately. Fortunately, technology has helped companies like Predictmedix achieve great results in this approach. The emerging provider of rapid health screening solutions powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) now brings good news after unveiling its AI-powered mobile app for non-invasive detection of marijuana impairment.

The app, which will work in conjunction with a portable multispectral imaging camera, will be released to the market with the aim of being a useful tool for those global law enforcement agencies, transportation, and other high-risk industries where impairment remains a fairly relevant focus. According to the firm’s analysis, this innovative application has been shown to be able to effectively identify people with impairment with a success rate of more than 90%.

One of the great advantages is that the screening process takes no more than 30 seconds to complete, providing an extremely fast and reliable process in the identification of cannabis impairment. While cannabis breathalyzers are still part of the current development, the National Motorists Association has made it clear that these devices have a margin of error of up to 50%.

Law enforcement and high-risk industries around the world have had to constantly deal with marijuana impairment, especially since testing protocols are often very costly and time-consuming. This new portable AI-based application brought by Predictmedix may be the answer many have been looking for years.