Nevada’s border cities are great destinations for cannabis road-trippers

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There are several outlying cities in Nevada cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy

As usual, before embarking on a trip with your respective dose of marijuana, you must be very clear about the laws that are currently established in the respective states. If one of your favorite destinations is Nevada, keep in mind that the laws state that in order to transport cannabis legally, it must be kept in a sealed container and away from everyone in the vehicle. Both driving under its effects and driving across borders is not allowed.

One of the advantages, however, of traveling through the border cities of Nevada is a large number of dispensaries you can find along the way. If you’re in downtown Reno, you’re likely to come across Sierra Well. The stunning imagery at this location makes the dispensary worth a stop. If the idea is to look for flowers, it has been said that this place offers more than 50 varieties in stock at certain times.

Another must-see attraction, if you are still near Reno, is Mynt. Kynd is the brand behind this dispensary, which speaks only good things since it was voted as one of the best cannabis growers in Reno. It’s practically impossible to miss seeing the surrounding buildings painted with eye-catching murals. This certainly sets the tone for the urban and artistic feel of the indoor commercial experience.

If, after leaving Reno, one of your next destinations is Carson City, you’ve got to make a stop at RISE. It would be a sin to leave Carson City without first visiting this dispensary, which has a local reputation for excellent customer service and great selection. Glassware and pipe lovers can find a wide variety here, as well as take-home toppings, edibles, and concentrates.