Nevada to soon see dozens more marijuana dispensaries

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The number of Nevada dispensaries could double within a year

Nevada regulators have approved a new round of marijuana dispensaries, issuing 61 provisional licenses for new operations. With the approvals, there could be as many as twice the amount of dispensaries operating in the state by this time next year. In total, there are now 65 dispensaries operating across the Silver State.

The recipients of the new licenses have not yet been publicly named. The licenses are issued by the Nevada Department of Taxation, which indicates that it will publish the information once the applicants receive their final license. Unfortunately, that could take up to a year.

This delay is causing concern among the companies wishing to operate in the legal marijuana space. A number of applicants, including Planet 13 and Euphoria Wellness, have seen their license requests denied, but no one is telling them why.

According to Tick Segerblom, a Senator representing Clark County, “This is a government license, and the public, as well as any competitors, have a right to know how this went down … We wanted to make sure that the financial information, your tax returns and stuff like that, was confidential, but we never intended to keep the name of the owner, the corporation, and the people who own it confidential.”

The absence of information on why licenses are denied is puzzling and doesn’t help the industry to evolve appropriately. No one can know if the denial was due to a clerical error or some other issue that the applicant has the legal right to contest. Segerblom has said that he is working on forcing the public disclosure of details, but that will obviously take some time. Meanwhile, a large number of potential businesses can only stand by and wait with their arms crossed to be given better information.