Nevada is almost ready to pick names for the state’s first cannabis consumption lounges

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The state will hold a series of lotteries to determine who will get to launch cannabis lounges

Nevada has gone from being just an attractive region for fun-seeking tourists to a state where major marijuana enthusiasts find the answer to their vacation. Residents and visitors may soon begin enjoying the first consumption lounges as marijuana regulators announce lotteries to award these licenses.

In the middle of last week, cannabis regulators in the Silver State announced that they will hold lotteries in the coming days. The purpose of this process is to choose a total of 20 independent cannabis consumption lounge licensees. Ten of these licenses will be reserved exclusively for social equity applicants.

According to the state’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) announcement, tomorrow, “two lotteries will be conducted through a random number selector” to determine which businesses will be privileged to receive the first independent consumer lounge license approvals. “The CCB anticipates that the first salons will be licensed and able to open during the first half of 2023,” a notice said.

At the beginning of November, regulators made it clear that at least 100 applications had been received for this new type of license. The application window was only open for a little over a week last month and that was enough for a large number of interested parties to want to be part of this proposal. The move comes about a year after Assemblyman Steve Yeager’s bill was signed into law by Governor Steve Sisolak, legalizing consumption lounges.

Over the summer, the CCBD gave the go-ahead to regulations for cannabis lounges. Under the law, businesses could also be allowed to carry yoga combined with cannabis, offer THC-assisted massage therapy, serve infused edibles or incorporate cannabis in other ways. They will undoubtedly become a major center of attraction for cannabis lovers.

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