Nevada considering legalizing consumption lounges?

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Several lawmakers from Nevada tour marijuana lounges in California

Seven lawmakers from Nevada are on a mission. This week, they are in San Francisco, touring marijuana lounges to learn more about legalizing and regulating the practice that could ultimately lead to Nevada introducing marijuana lounges to Las Vegas and other cities. Whether any legislation would pave the way for casinos to allow marijuana use remains to be seen.

On the fact-finding trip are Clark County Commission-elect Tick Segerblom, North Las Vegas Councilman Isaac Barron, Las Vegas Valley’s Steve Yeager, Chris Books and William McCurdy, Daniele Monroe-Moreno from North Las Vegas and Reno’s Sarah Peters. They are visiting at least two lounges in San Francisco, as well as making a call on San Francisco Office of Cannabis Director Nicole Elliott, to consider marijuana consumption lounges back home.

The visit is part of a larger project expected to be launched by Nevada’s governor-elect, Steve Sisolak. He has indicated that the laws in the state need to be simplified, explaining, “Tourists visiting Las Vegas are permitted to purchase marijuana, but they can only consume the drug in private residences – not casino resort hotel rooms. These are issues we need to step up and address.”

While casinos would remain off-limits due to their obligation to adhere to federal regulations, this could change in the near future. If the federal government declassifies marijuana, which is currently a possibility, it would open the casino doors in Nevada -and elsewhere – to legalized marijuana consumption.