Nevada approves cannabis consumption lounges, eyes 2022 launch

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The Silver State is turning greener as it embraces marijuana

When people think of a cannabis lounge, they often ignore the many potential benefits it offers to the consumer and the community at large. If there is one thing that is almost unanimously lacking in most states across the country, it is cannabis consumption facilities. However, the landscape has been slowly changing, and Nevada is one of the latest states to make the necessary efforts to implement them.

After receiving regulatory approval from the state’s Cannabis Enforcement Board on Tuesday, 21-and-over marijuana consumption lounges are finally on track to open in the Silver State later this year. These consumption lounges are intended for adults to openly use marijuana products in a social setting.

Nevada’s tourism industry alone is already massive, but there is no doubt that these lounges are widely seen as a plus for that sector, as well as for the tourists themselves who travel the state in search of an entertaining time. Since Nevada launched the first legal sales five years ago, consuming marijuana anywhere outside of a private home generally remains prohibited by law. However, the game is soon to be changed.

Last year, lawmakers green-lighted a bill legalizing the establishments and creating two categories of licenses. The first will give existing retailers the ability to sell products and have a specific place to consume them. The second is based on a stand-alone consumer license, where new lounges on their own will be opened to sell ready-to-consume products.

The new rules were approved by regulators two days ago, and it appears that Governor Steve Sisolak welcomed them. He tweeted, “In Nevada, we’ve prioritized the cannabis industry while protecting Nevadans AND diversifying the economy.”