NCIA releases political marijuana scorecard ahead of November elections

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Next month’s midterm elections could have a big impact on continued marijuana adoption in the US

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has released a scorecard on politicians ahead of the midterm elections scheduled to be held next month. The scorecard gauges how certain elected officials have voted on marijuana-related bills and amendments in the past and gives constituents the opportunity to clearly see where their elected leaders stand on the subject.

NCIA executive director Aaron Smith indicated, “As more and more states move toward ending cannabis prohibition, it is becoming increasingly important for voters to know if their federal representatives are working to protect and promote their states’ successful medical and adult-use marijuana programs. We hope they will take a hard look at this scorecard, back the lawmakers who support common-sense cannabis policy reform, and hold those who are undermining their constituents accountable.”

The Congressional Scorecard considers six different pieces of legislation that were considered between 2014 and 2016. Those measures had been designed to prevent federal funds from interfering with state laws that had been enacted for hemp production, adult use cannabis programs, cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana. Additionally, they covered topics such as financial safe harbor for banking institutions and allowing physicians with the Veterans Administration to prescribe cannabis to their patients. It also follows the release of a report, “The New Politics of Marijuana: A Winning Opportunity for either party,” a study by the NCIA that emphasizes the overwhelming public support for marijuana policy reform in the US, as well as how it affects current and future elections around the country.

The scorecard can be found by clicking here.