NBA star Paul Pierce launches new cannabis line

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The Boston Celtics great supports marijuana for its health benefits

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce’s inclusion in the world of marijuana has come to excite many of his fans and followers. The NBA star has been quite busy since the beginning of the year when he received the nod as an analyst for ESPN; however, it seems he has had plans well in store, as on Sunday he returned to Beantown to unveil “Truth Number 34,” his own line of cannabis products at a local dispensary.

Perhaps although it was never officially confirmed, it is now well known that Pierce has been a cannabis lover since he retired from the NBA four years ago. Now, Pierce has done everything necessary to launch a joint venture with himself, and he hopes it will come to satisfy the needs of many marijuana enthusiasts. The former Finals MVP said during an interview that the quality of his cannabis line is like his style of play. “I know we’re going to bring something you can depend on, something you can go to, something that’s clutch. Similar to my play. That’s what my product is going to be,” he said.

Pierce, 43, says he has been advocating for marijuana because he believes it is a viable medical option for many patients with different illnesses. Through his new brand and influence, he seeks to erase the stigma among users in the city that led to an NBA championship in the 2009 season. Pierce was also on the roster of the Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards, and LA Clippers, but he will always be the icon of the Celtics. Clearly, the former player has proven once again that he belongs to the green culture with his latest business.