National Expungement Week helping to right the wrongs of marijuana users

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20 organizations are involved in the nationwide initiative

Now that marijuana is gaining a stable footing in the U.S., states have begun to offer some relief to those previously convicted of minor marijuana charges. It’s a tedious process that can cost hundreds of dollars per instance and usually results in individuals having to hire a lawyer to help facilitate the process. Fortunately, a nationwide initiative has been introduced to make the process easier and less painful.

National Expungement Week (NEW) is currently being held across the country. It includes a series of events that provide legal to relief to a number of the 77 million Americans who have marijuana convictions on their records. As long as those convictions remain, the individuals have difficulty finding employing or receiving public assistance and many have lost their voting rights. NEW is working to overcome these obstacles and give the affected people their lives back.

Events are being held in Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan and Washington, DC. In total, the expungement activities have been organized in 13 cities around the country. Some, such as those held in Georgia and Maryland, have already taken place. Others, including three in CA (one in San Francisco and the other two in Los Angeles) and one in Denver, CO, will be held this Saturday.

This is a great chance to clear records and be able to recuperate one’s life. The entire schedule of events can be found at and there’s still time to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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