National Cancer Institute research shows support for cannabis use to fight cancer

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Research is showing that CBD can do more than just relieve pain

For centuries, cancer has been a disease that has plagued a substantial number of individuals. It knows no limits, attacking otherwise healthy bodies from young children to adults, resulting in a number of issues – a degraded lifestyle, pain and suffering, a mountain of debt to cover treatment and, in many cases, an untimely and unpreventable death. If only physicians knew 100 years ago what scientists are discovering now – cannabis might cure cancer.

Cannabis contains cannabinoids. These chemicals, when ingested, can affect various parts of the body, including the immune and central nervous systems. One, in particular, cannabidiol (CBD), has already been established as a positive treatment but recent studies have revealed that it might also turn back the clock on cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), cannabinoids in the naturally growing plant may block cancer cell growth. The NCI highlights studies that have been conducted in mice and rats that have positively inhibited tumor growth by causing the cells to die. They also recognize that CBD can prevent the development of new blood vessels that are required by tumors in order to grow.

So far, according to the NCI, cannabinoid has been shown to be effective in treating breast and liver cancer. The introduction of delta-9-THC – the main active cannabinoid in cannabis – can kill cancer cells in the liver. CBD has been shown to kill cancer cells in the breasts, while not harming normal breast cells.

More research is needed; however, the early indications are extremely positive. Now, instead of having to spend tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, seeking cancer treatment that may or may not work, it could be possible to find relief in a plant that can be grown in the backyard.