Mother: Marijuana saved my daughter’s life

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Crohn’s disease almost cheated a mother out of valuable time with her daughter

Lyndi Lou Carnal was a normal 14-year-old teenager. She was a Justin Bieber fan who liked hanging out with her friends and enjoying life. Then, she was thrown a curve ball. She became sick and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Her condition worsened, despite having been subjected to a massive treatment program that included an array of pharmaceutical drugs, and was forced to spend large portions of the next several years interned in Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital as physicians removed organs from her body.

Her parents began to wonder if the drugs were causing more harm than good. As Tiffany Carnal, Lyndi Lou’s mother, explains, “Eventually, her bladder and kidney [were] shut down, and she couldn’t go to the bathroom. She was on Dilaudid, which is seven times stronger than heroin.”

Desperate to find a solution, the Carnals learned of sick children who were being treated with marijuana. Tiffany began doing research and, seeing positive results from her investigation, pushed doctors to approve a treatment program that included medical marijuana.

Reluctant at first because of federal restrictions, physicians relented and began treating Lyndi Lou with Marinol, a synthetic form of cannabis.

Lyndi Lou made an astonishing recovery. Despite having six organs that failed during the treatment program with pharmaceuticals, the medical marijuana treatment has seen her life turn around and she is now a relatively healthy 19-year-old. Lyndi Lou has gotten her life back and Tiffany has gotten her daughter back, all because of marijuana. “She’s on all-natural (remedies) now and healthier now than she has been,” explains Tiffany. “She’s a miracle.”