More scientific marijuana studies are coming soon

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American, Israeli scientists and medical professionals to conduct scientific marijuana research

Israel-based marijuana research company Yom Chai is making huge strides in the marijuana research industry. The company announced that it has created a partnership in order to develop and validate a range of products designed to combat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Yom Chai is working with a number of scientists and medical professionals in its home country and in the US to conduct trials that target ADHD, psoriasis, autism, Crohn’s disease and sleep disorders. It hopes to ultimately be able to distribute a range of products to treat the conditions, as well as others.

Also involved in the research is Kaneh-B, another marijuana-based company in Israel. Kaneh-B is a research and development firm that provides CBD and natural compound-based products for clinical and pre-clinical trials. The company has six products that have already received approval by European regulators and will soon be available across the continent.

According to Yom Chai Chief Operating Officer Scot Albert, “We are excited to be working with [Kaneh-B CEO] Ofer Segal and [Kaneh-B co-founder] Yahav Blaicher to formulate, manufacture, and distribute world-class Cannabis based products to the international marketplace.”

More research into the positives – as well as the negatives – is definitely needed. This point has routinely been brought up the marijuana community and lawmakers across the US. As more scientists and researchers are willing to get involved, the entire industry will be able to better understand the effects of marijuana and its makeup. As limited testing has already shown that marijuana can help combat a number of ailments, including cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and more, there is still a lot to be discovered.