More arthritis sufferers turning to cannabis as a treatment alternative

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Cannabis creams are providing arthritis relief to millions

One out of every five adults in the US suffers from arthritis. It is the most commonly found debilitating ailment among adults and has no cure. While laboratory chemical compounds have been developed to ease arthritis pain, these are typically cost-prohibitive for many and aren’t always an effective alternative. However, many more sufferers are now turning to a natural and inexpensive plant to find relief – marijuana.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has been shown to provide substantial relief for the pain associated with arthritis. Its properties have led to a range of ointments, patches, creams and many other options being created that are infused with the oil to provide relief. Since CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects associated with THC, it is a safe, worry-free alternative for everyone.

Some old-school rheumatologists remain skeptical. They aren’t willing to recognize the benefit of marijuana and continue to prescribe lab-based drugs. However, now that marijuana is legal in 30 states and the District of Columbia, they’re fighting a losing battle. Fortunately, there are some that have seen the light. One of these is Dr. Donald Abrams, a professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He asserts, “The bottom line is, marijuana is a very safe drug. When we give patients with chronic pain a prescription … we say, ‘Start with one, try two or three if that doesn’t work.’ It’s the same with medical marijuana: Start low and see how it goes.”

If you suffer from arthritis and haven’t already done so, talk to your physician about medical marijuana. Learn about the benefits so you can make an educated decision, and don’t believe the negative image that has been instilled in society for 100 years.