More Americans support marijuana legalization, records expungement

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A recent poll shows Americans are ready for a change to how marijuana is viewed

The results of a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University (QU) were released yesterday and show what many expected it to. The majority of Americans are now supporting marijuana legalization and also feel that individuals who have been convicted of low-level cannabis possession or consumption should have their records expunged.

The survey revealed that 60% of Americans are in favor of adult marijuana use, while 33% are opposed. A portion of those opposed to the idea still believes that records should be expunged, with 63% of those polled in agreeance.

Similar polls in the past have shown that as much as 66% of the population supports medical marijuana use. According to the QU poll, that number is up substantially. Now, 93% of Americans are in favor of medical marijuana.

According to QU’s Tim Malloy, “The baby boomers say no to the drug that helped define an era, while the millennials say bring it on. In between are enough voters to rubber stamp legalizing marijuana for recreation as well as medical reasons.”

This information is important, especially to lawmakers. It could prove invaluable as they prepare to run for office if they hope to garner the support of their potential constituents. If they don’t listen, they run the risk of alienating those individuals and losing the race.

According to Justin Strekal, the political director for NORML, “The message these numbers send is simple: when marijuana policy is rooted in justice for consumers and compassion for patients, lawmakers will be rewarded. Further, that the American public writ large is ready to punish those who prolong the cruel policy of criminalization at the ballot box.”