More Americans continue to line up to support cannabis legalization

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Almost 70% of all Americans think it’s time to stop cannabis prohibition

Studies and polls continue to show that more and more Americans want federal legalization of cannabis. The percentage of supporters of this reform remains at a record high, making it clear that marijuana is no longer seen as a dangerous substance and that it has actually been useful in providing health and social improvements. A Gallup poll is the latest to show the large number of Americans who support legal marijuana in the country.

The midterm elections were held a few weeks ago, and it was noted that residents of two states want a regulated cannabis jurisdiction. This translated to the national level continues to be quite positive as the number of Americans supporting legal marijuana continues to grow. According to the most recent Gallup poll, 68% of Americans are more supportive of marijuana than ever before.

Gallup has been conducting polls like this since the late 1960s. Since then, the numbers have increased significantly, suggesting that judgment about the plant has been erasing stigmas. In 1969, one of the first polls conducted by this firm showed that only 12%mof Americans were in favor of the drug. It has certainly been a quantum leap in just over five decades.

The poll shows results indicating that most subgroups favor marijuana use, including Democrats, liberals, women, young adults and residents of cities and rural areas. Even groups more likely to oppose marijuana, such as Hispanic adults and older adults, are showing higher-than-expected support. They support cannabis legalization by 56% and 53%, respectively.

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