Montana voters to see cannabis measures on the ballot this November

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Despite the coronavirus lockdown, Idaho cannabis proponents get the signatures they need

Cannabis advocates in Montana worked hard to collect the necessary requirements to qualify two legalization measures for the upcoming ballot in November. They announced Friday that they have finally reached the quota, according to official county-level data. Despite major delays in the signature-gathering process created by the coronavirus pandemic, New Approach Montana said that its revised petitioning strategy worked to collect enough signatures for both measures.

One of the initiatives is the statutory cannabis legalization measure and the second one is a separate constitutional amendment in which a technical change would allow those 21 and older to participate in the market. The first measure required 25,000 signatures in order to qualify and, according to the activists, they gathered more than 33,000 that have already been verified. For the constitutional amendment, on the other hand, the requirement was 51,000 valid signatures and, according to county-level signature validation data, they already reached 52,860 signatures that have been verified so far.

Pepper Petersen, a spokesperson for New Approach Montana, spoke with Marijuana Moment to say that he is “really excited that we’ve seen such a broad support for the policies in Montana for this change.” He added, “Every single legislative district submitted signatures for this drive, all 56 counties, every little small town, people contributed signatures to this in Montana. We think that shows a huge level of support out here, and we’re excited going forward. We’re confident that people are going to support this at the ballot as much as they did in the signature-gathering process.” The signature-gathering process was stopped for a couple of months and it was resumed back in May by following new safety protocols.