MMA fighters and boxers get support in Florida for cannabis as an alternative medicine

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The Florida Boxing Commission has removed its ban on marijuana for boxers and fighters

Marijuana has taken a big step forward in Florida boxing as the state’s Boxing Commission has decided to remove the plant from the banned list for MMA fighters and boxers who practice the sport there. It’s another example of the growing acceptance of marijuana for its health value and marks a continued change among sports leagues to embrace cannabis.

The announcement was released yesterday, and Jeff Novitzky, UFC Senior VP of athlete health and performance, in response to the news, wrote on Twitter, “Right move by the FL Commission. They closely examined the science behind THC excretion and saw that it has little to no correlation to impairment. Hopefully, other commissions will follow FL’s lead and the ABC Medical Committee’s recommendation.”

A few months ago, the UFC and USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) announced that the use of marijuana as a violation was a thing of the past and this current move is clearly following in those footsteps. However, this does not mean that state commissions no longer have the right to have their own discretion and fine, punish, or change the results of fights if they see fit.

For a long time, fight results have been affected by positive marijuana results in certain fighters, and this is precisely why moves like these are considered so significant. The Florida commission’s move is not known to have a major impact. However, it is unclear whether this may become an impetus for other state commissions to begin to reconsider their own policies regarding the use of marijuana in their athletes.

For example, California simply grants a nominal fine. On the other hand, Nevada remains quite restrictive, and being a place where the biggest UFC events take place, it is hoped that reconsideration will come sooner rather than later. If Florida’s move causes a domino effect to hit Nevada’s tab, that would be a major change.