Missouri voters to have a chance to decide fate of cannabis in November

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Missouri becomes one of three states that will have marijuana on the ballot this year

As has become customary in many other states, it will be the voters in Missouri who will have the opportunity to decide the fate of recreational cannabis through end-of-year voting. Jay Ashcroft, secretary of state, announced two days ago that a Legal Missouri 2022 initiative petition was able to get enough signatures. As a result, the proposal will now appear on the ballot this fall.

Should the constitutional amendment become a success, Missourians 21 and older will have the opportunity to use, possess, purchase and even grow marijuana. Another important aspect of the language of the measure is that non-violent marijuana-related criminal records would be automatically expunged.

Medical marijuana was also involved as the legislation seeks to extend the validity of patient and caregiver identification cards from one to three years. In addition, it also seeks to prohibit employment discrimination protections for medical cannabis patients to prevent employees from being fired for medical marijuana use while off the job.

The November 8 ballot will see the nearly 40-page measure being placed on the ballot as Amendment 3. “We’re absolutely thrilled that voters are going to have an opportunity to vote yes on Amendment 3 on November 8 and advance this really important criminal justice reform in the state,” John Payne, campaign manager for Legal Missouri said.

Initially, it appeared that the campaign was not getting enough time to gather the required number of signatures, but success was achieved. By proposing a 6% sales tax, Legal Missouri estimates that just over $40 million will be generated in annual revenue.