Minnesota’s cannabis legalization bill is moving quickly through the Senate

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The bill has already made it through four stops in a week

Getting a bill through the Senate seems to be no easy task in Minnesota, but the measure seeking to legalize marijuana appears to be having no trouble reaching that goal. The proposal recently got the go-ahead from a fourth Senate committee, resulting in another important step on its long road to the floor.

Senator Lindsey Port and her legislation found another victory in the Senate Agriculture, Broadband and Rural Development Committee after a narrow 5-4 vote. The bill is expected to have to go through at least 18 panels in the House, a long but so far successful path. While all this is going on, a House companion also continues to move forward, demonstrating a strong acceptance in the North Star State legislature.

Erin Murphy, assistant Senate majority leader, said yesterday that the state has “the opportunity to undo some of the damage that has been done and create a regulatory system that works for Minnesota consumers and Minnesota businesses.” He added that a move like this ensures opportunity in this new market, especially for all those people who have been affected by prohibition and the war on drugs.

The Senator assures that legalizing, and regulating marijuana is one of the main objectives of the proposal and hopes that this year will be decisive in achieving that. There may be some ongoing discussions for amendments to further improve aspects of the bill, such as tax policy for the existing hemp industry in the state, the legislator adds.