Minnesota legalized marijuana bill finds first approval

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It looks like Minnesota’s intentions to legalize marijuana are getting off on the right foot in 2023.

A bill that seeks to make the plant legal has recently been approved by state legislators. After filing a series of amendments, the measure had no trouble passing through a House committee yesterday.

This is the first of many steps the legislation will have to take through committee, but it is certainly a good start to a new year that has just begun. A reform measure that passed the full House two years ago has been taken as the basis for the creation of this proposal. Democratic officials assure that legalization will not be long in coming, so 2023 could end up having great news for consumers of this plant.

The legislation that was unveiled in early January has received several amendments recently and the House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee seems to have had no hesitation in approving them all. Subsequently, by a voice vote, the legislation was approved by the panel, which is chaired by the sponsor, Representative Zack Stephenson.

The sponsor of the companion version of the bill in her chamber, Senator Lindsey Port, said it would also receive committee consideration in that chamber in the coming weeks. The Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee would be the measure’s next stop in the House.

“Minnesotans are ready. Cannabis should not be illegal in Minnesota,” Stephenson said at the opening of the hearing. “Minnesotans deserve the freedom and respect to make responsible decisions about cannabis. Our current laws are doing more harm than good.”

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