Minnesota lawmakers continue to advance cannabis bill

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The cannabis legislation has now passed scrutiny by two committees

The week is ending with good news for cannabis advocates in Minnesota. It has been reported that yesterday, the bill seeking to legalize marijuana has been approved by another committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives. This is an important step for the long road still ahead, as there are approximately a dozen more panels to go before it reaches the floor.

By voice vote, the amended measure was given the green light by the House Judiciary Civil Law and Finance Committee. This means the proposal now heads to the House Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance Committee. About a week ago, this legislation also scored a major success when it went before the House Commerce Policy and Finance Committee.

The proposal is being sponsored by Senator Lindsey Port and Representative Zack Stephenson, both of whom first unveiled it in early January in their respective chambers. While no meetings have yet been scheduled, Port said his companion bill will be considered by the committee in the coming weeks. Democratic-Farmer-Labor party officials appear to be fairly optimistic that legalization will be enacted sooner rather than later, especially since they have majorities in both the House and Senate.

“Minnesotans are ready for this change,” Stephenson told committee members before the vote. “The current laws are doing more harm than good.” Although there is a long way to go, the Land of 10,000 Lakes could be ready to take the next step and join the growing list of states where the plant is legal.

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