Minnesota House committee greenlights cannabis bill

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The state’s lawmakers have seen the light and continue to make marijuana progress

The measure seeking to legalize cannabis in Minnesota appears to be having no trouble getting through the various filters. Most recently, the bill received approval in its 12th House committee. There is still a long way to go, but many advocates continue to grow their positivity as time progresses. The news comes as a companion Senate version is also moving in the right direction.

Zack Stephenson has shown great enthusiasm after his legislation was able to pass muster with the House Economic Development Finance and Policy Committee in a 7-5 vote yesterday. Senator Lindsey Port celebrated in the same way last week after her companion legislation advanced through a ninth committee in that chamber.

“Minnesotans are ready for this change,” Stephenson said ahead of the House committee vote. “Our current laws are doing more harm than good, and Minnesotans deserve the freedom and respect to make their own decisions about cannabis.”

Democratic-Farmer-Labor party officials currently hold the majority in both the House and Senate and control over the governorship this session. As such, lawmakers are confident that legalization will become a reality once the committee’s extensive consideration comes to an end.

The positivity was enhanced after Governor Tim Walz released his biennial budget request in which he proposed funds to implement cannabis legalization and expungement. Both Port and Stephenson believe 2023 will be the year The North Star State joins the growing list of states where cannabis is legal and regulated.

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