Minnesota governor ready to move on marijuana legalization

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As the political scales shift in Minnesota, cannabis legalization is on its way

Having the support of a governor makes any project much easier to achieve. This is something Minnesota and its marijuana market currently enjoy. According to the state’s governor, Tim Walz, the legalization of this famous plant is among the first pieces of legislation to be passed with the Democrats at the helm.

The race hasn’t even begun, and already Tim Walz, governor of the North Star State, is claiming victory for marijuana legalization because Democrats have recently taken over the legislature. According to the governor’s comments, this bill will be a top priority in 2023. Walz sent a warm invitation to former Governor Jesse Ventura, a staunch advocate of marijuana reform, to a future signing ceremony once the legislature delivers a legalization measure to his desk.

In midweek, Ventura released some details about the conversation during a live Clubhouse broadcast. According to Walz’s office, the two have been working closely to do something about it and bring Minnesota a lucrative new market.

“The sticking point for cannabis in Minnesota were the Republicans and the house they controlled,” Ventura said on the streaming platform. “Well, they’ve lost it now. And the governor reassured me that one of the first items that will be passed-Minnesota, get ready-cannabis is going to have its prohibition lifted.”

He added that Walz has kept him in mind in these moves since the process started. Ventura was in office and thus deserves to be there to see it come to fruition more than two decades later.

While the collaboration with Ventura has not been spelled out in detail, the comments also come at a time when Senate Democrats say legalization will be one of the issues the caucus intends to discuss imminently as they decide legislative priorities for next year.