Mike Tyson takes cannabis brand international

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The marijuana entrepreneur is going to start selling his products in Amsterdam

The famous former boxer and marijuana entrepreneur Mike Tyson has just opened his own coffee shop in the capital of the Netherlands. The former boxing champion has brought his brand of cannabis products to the city of Amsterdam, which for many, many years has been considered the cannabis capital of Europe for its famous coffee shops where the sale and consumption of cannabis is tolerated.

Adam Wilks, CEO of TYSON 2.0, said in a statement that Amsterdam is well known for its rich marijuana culture, which has made it one of the world’s top destinations for cannabis enthusiasts. “Coffeeshop TYSON 2.0 celebrates our journey and marks an important milestone for the company as we expand our international presence beyond North America into the burgeoning European market. We look forward to introducing the TYSON 2.0 brand and lifestyle in Amsterdam and serving our European fans with the industry-leading products we are known for,” he added.

The firm launched in 2021 and quickly captured widespread fanfare, with noisy partnerships including Holy Ears, a range of THC-infused candies curated by Evander Holyfield, Tyson’s famous boxing competitor. While the Amsterdam-based store is the brand’s first European adventure, it marks its second international expansion following its Canadian partnership with Purple Farm Genetics a few months ago.

Tyson also added that it is a dream come true to open its first coffee shop in Amsterdam. He intends for The TYSON Coffeeshop 2.0 to immerse fans in a complete experience so they can enjoy all the products the brand has to offer. After learning about the high quality of its products, Tyson says he is eager to share “some of my most beloved and undefeated goods with Europe.”