Mike Tyson steps deeper into the marijuana industry

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The former boxer and marijuana entrepreneur is teaming up with Planet 13

Mike Tyson may have become famous for his pugilistic prowess on the canvas, but he has maintained his presence in the limelight with marijuana. He became a consumer to battle his pain from all the time he spent in the ring and things grew from there. Most recently, he announced plans to open a marijuana ranch in California and is now branching out into Nevada. His Tyson Ranch cannabis products are going to be sold by Planet 13.

Tyson is the exclusive launch partner for Planet 13 and its Cannabis Entertainment Complex and Superstore. The Tyson Ranch products are now on Superstore shelves and the company’s co-CEO, Bob Groesbeck, explains, “With thousands of consumers and cannabis aficionados from all over the world coming through our doors every single day, the Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex offers brand companies a unique venue to launch their brands and rapidly build a national and global reputation. We are honored that Mr. Tyson has chosen the Planet 13 SuperStore for the Nevada launch of Tyson Ranch and appreciate the opportunity to be the exclusive launch partner for this widely anticipated brand, in Nevada. With our Phase II expansion underway, we expect the SuperStore’s national and global reputation to continue to accelerate, making Planet 13 the perfect place to build a nationwide brand.”

Tyson admits that he was “a mess” after 22 years in the ring, turning to opiates to relieve his pain. He asserts that marijuana helped him get rid of his opiate addiction and he explains, “My boxing career, my body gave out of me. I had some trauma, psychological trauma. Getting involved with the cannabis, and the CBD, it took my life to another level from a health perspective, that is.”

He adds about his expansion into Nevada, “It’s a no brainer. It’s the future. It’s going to work. There’s nothing that anyone can do about it.”

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