Migraine headaches can be controlled through cannabis, study finds

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Cannabis continues to be proven as an effective treatment for a variety of ailments

During the ongoing 2018 World Congress on Pain in Boston, results of a study on cannabis were revealed, showing that the plant is successful in helping treat patients with chronic migraine headaches. It is the latest revelation of the benefits of cannabis and marijuana, and proves that the wonder drug’s positives by far outweigh its negatives.

According to a trial conducted with 3,500 patients, researchers showed that 90.3% of migraine sufferers who used marijuana saw their pain disappear. Additionally, only 7.7% experienced any negative side effect. 54% of all the patients involved reported trying marijuana to prevent migraines and, of that percentage, 47.7% had turned to daily use in order to control their headaches.

According to researchers, “To address the concern for substance use disorder and whether cannabis may function as a ‘gateway drug,’ our review shows a low incidence of comorbid substance use disorder in this group. The rate of educational attainment and employment were also assessed. [The] majority of patients in the study have anxiety unrelated to marijuana use, perceive marijuana as safe, and are not concerned about using marijuana.”

As with virtually all studies, this was only a randomized clinical trial. In order for the results to be further supported, or refuted, substantial more testing is needed. However, the high percentage of relief is a very good sign of the power cannabis wields in controlling pain.