Michigan is becoming a hot spot for cannabis tourists

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There’s a lot for marijuana fans to see and do in the state as it embraces cannabis

As more and more places in the US legalize marijuana use, entrepreneurs in the cannabis community are implementing painting classes, quirky tours, cooking demonstrations, and a host of other marijuana-infused experiences, taking tourism to the next level. In 2018, Michigan became the 10th state to legalize recreational cannabis use in the US. Since then, the Great Lakes State has been seen as one of the top tourist destinations for marijuana enthusiasts, no matter what time of year it is.

Michigan may not be an obvious choice for a cannabis vacation, but it has an active community centered around marijuana and related events since legalizing it five years ago. One destination where tourists can get their cannabis fix is Remus, which hosts the CMCP Harvest Festival. The festival features art, music, food, and seminars that educate consumers about cannabis cultivation and the culture surrounding it.

If you’re visiting, keep a calendar of marijuana-related events in Michigan handy. By law, it is illegal to consume cannabis in a public space, but on-site consumption may be allowed at licensed dispensaries. Also near Remus are more than 100 lakes, the Muskegon River, golf courses, and award-winning wineries.

Michigan Cannabis Trail helps visitors make the most of legal cannabis in the Great Lakes region. The Marijuana Regulatory Agency reported that through 2020, combined medical and recreational cannabis sales reached $984.7 million.

This rapid growth was especially notable during the COVID-19-triggered confinement. Now, the state has become a favorite for all those visitors who want to take home a unique experience.

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