Miami has a cannabis-friendly yoga center that’s the talk of the town

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420 Club Space Yoga provides the perfect combination of activities to help the body and mind

Cannabis yoga, cannayoga or yoga 420, is the subtle art of blending cannabis and yoga. This modern way of practicing yoga involves vaporizing or eating a small amount of cannabis before adopting the postures. According to the pioneers of this new age, yoga, cannabis helps increase concentration and helps a person connect with their body faster. Miami is quickly becoming enveloped by this trend, and the arrival of 420 Club Space Yoga is a clear example of this.

Miami is known for being an extremely busy city full of entertainment venues for fun. While this sounds exciting, it comes at a point where the only thing you are looking for is to relax your mind and body and find a moment of peace. If necessary, Club Space can become the ideal option.

Amidst a colorful sea of yoga mats, a cannabis-friendly subway yoga class takes place on Saturdays at 4:00 PM. Athleisure reigns here, leaving aside all those fancy party outfits. Participants’ favorite strains are mixed together to create an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

Led by Tiffany Levy, 420 Yoga is a free, easy-to-consume yoga class focused on mindfulness, living life in the present, and above all, cannabis. While Club Space is known for its crazy nightlife, light filters through the skylights on Saturday afternoons, illuminating the hanging trellises of greenery and iridescent disco balls.

Participants should bring their own mat and cannabis. Before the session begins at 4:20 PM, attendees participate in any way they wish and converse with each other. Although attendees are generally extroverts, this is the type of event that is best enjoyed with a group of friends, and of course, a joint.

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