Metrc’s cannabis track-and-trace platform is expanding into Missouri

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The platform helps bring transparency to the cannabis space, and continues to find more support

It didn’t take long for Missouri to welcome recreational cannabis after the positive response from voters in November. With sales now officially launched, many industry-related companies have set their sights on the state. A fresh market represents great opportunities, and Metrc feels the time is right to offer its track and trace system to all those operators interested in having greater order over their services and operations.

Metrc announced that the presence of its track and trace platform has increased in the Show Me State to implement monitoring of the adult-use cannabis market that just opened its doors. The Florida-based company with a decade of experience has won more than 20 government contracts to manage the accounting from seed to sale of legal marijuana products.

Missouri is not an unfamiliar territory for Metrc. In late 2019, the state and its regulators chose this platform to be an essential tool in the medical marijuana market. Now that Missouri sales began a week ago, Metrc is expected to continue to provide quality services to give it the right direction. Over the weekend alone, recreational cannabis sales recorded $12.6 million.

According to yesterday’s press release, the company claims to have “exclusive government contracts in every region” of the US. The company added that around 345,000 cannabis businesses use Metrc software. It is a clear indication of how effective the platform is for the operations of thousands of businesses in the industry.