Menopause can be aided with CBD

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Cannabidiol can relieve the symptoms associated with menopause

As the traits of cannabidiol (CBD) continue to be discovered, scientists and researchers are developing a clearer picture of the extent with which the cannabis compound can provide relief from an increasing number of ailments. It has already been shown to fight epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s and chronic pain, but there is now additional support for its use in helping overcome menopause.

CBD interacts with the network of cell receptors in the brain, organs and tissues in the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This has already been identified as one of the leading characteristics of CBD, with the cannabis compound able to enhance the ECS naturally, boosting the latter’s capability to function properly.

The ECS controls a number of functions, including mood regulation, pain, sleep, memory, body temperature and auto-immunity. There is mounting evidence that a weak ECS system leads to a number of health complications, but that they can all be reversed thanks to CBD.

Menopause disrupts the ECS, interfering with receptors located in the female reproductive system. The introduction of CBD helps to offset this interference and restore the body to a more normal level of operation.

Just as the ECS is responsible for the functions listed previously, CBD can relieve problems related to those functions during menopause. It can help females achieve better sleep, normalized moods, less pain, improved memory and immunity and a better-regulated temperature.

As is the norm, use of CBD is cautioned. There hasn’t been a great deal of research into CBD and how it can impact menopause, but it’s easy to put the pieces together. If considering CBD for menopause, discuss your options first with a physician before making a decision.