Mendocino County marijuana advocacy groups join forces

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The two groups are combining their strengths to help the industry mature

Two cannabis advocacy groups in Mendocino County, CA are teaming up in order to better align their efforts and help the industry mature in the state. Announced yesterday, the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association (MCIA) and the Mendocino County Growers Alliance (MCGA) are merging and what will be created in their places is the new Mendocino Cannabis Alliance (MCA).

The MCIA was founded in 2016 and is composed of industry professionals who have been working to promote and preserve Mendocino County’s cannabis heritage. It has been the main group behind ensuring the cannabis and cannabis products that come out of the county are world class.

The MCGA was founded a year later and includes farmers and other cannabis businesses who work to improve business development, public policy and education programs. It has also offered an array of member support services to help the local industry grow and is a member of the California Growers Association.

According to MCIA policy chairman Casey O’Neill, “It is exciting to see the maturation process of the cannabis community. We are learning to streamline our efforts and limited resources to accomplish our shared goals.” O’Neill, in addition to serving in his capacity as the MCIA chairman, is also a cannabis farmer and the owner of Happy Day Farms.

By combining both entities into one, the newly-formed MCA will be in a better, stronger position to try and effect changes that will help the legal marijuana industry in California grow. Currently experiencing growing pains, there are many changes that need to be made in order for the industry to be invigorated and the MCA will be able to play a role in seeing that occur.