Melissa Etheridge has a cannabis company

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Etheridge Farms meets with California regulators’ approval

Another celebrity is getting into the cannabis industry, helping to bring more awareness to the positive benefits of the plant. Oscar and Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge, best known for her unique music style and voice, has launched Etheridge Farms after receiving approval from California marijuana regulators.

The company is based in Santa Cruz County and offers vape pens, ointments, tinctures, flower and high-end products that are infused with cannabis, as well as other herbs. Etheridge is co-founder of the company and says that Etheridge Farms is designed for the first-time user, especially middle-aged women. Joining her in the endeavor is her wife, Linda Wallern-Etheridge, and Jozee Roberto and D’Angelo “Cricket” Roberto, also of Santa Cruz.

She explains, “Everyone else is taken care of. Snoop Dogg’s got it, you know, B-Real — all those great people are doing a great job in whom they’re marketing to, but I’ve got a keen direction toward middle-aged women who are discovering, ‘Hey, I don’t want to take an Ambien every night. I don’t want to have to drink wine every night to relax, because I know those things aren’t good for my body.’”

The company picked up the first non-retail recreational cannabis license issued by Santa Cruz County last week. It gives Etheridge Farms permission to manufacture and distribute its products out of a 6,000-square-foot hub in Soquel, CA. All of its product line should be hitting shelves by the spring of next year.

Like many others, Etheridge got into cannabis because of her own personal experience. Despite the negative stigma associated with the plant, she began using it 15 years ago while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She explains, “My eyes were wide-opened. I came out of chemotherapy saying, I want to be an advocate for this, I believe in this as medicine so deeply. I started looking around California going, OK, what do I need to do — I want to be part of this — I actually turned to my friends and said, I want to be the face of cannabis.”