MedMen sues Miami Beach over cannabis rules

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The cannabis company isn’t happy with new restrictions on dispensaries

Florida has only just begun to open up the state’s cannabis industry, but one city is already in trouble. California-based MedMen, who hoped to open a dispensary in Miami Beach, is ready to take the city to court after it denied the company’s dispensary application. The popular tourist city known for its party atmosphere is afraid that it could become a hub for marijuana consumption.

Miami Beach has placed new restrictions on the proximity of medical marijuana dispensaries. However, MedMen argues that the restrictions violate a state law that prevents local governments from placing a cap on the number of dispensaries allowed in the city.

The lawsuit was filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and looks to force Miami Beach to dump its 1,200-foot distance requirement between dispensaries. That measurement would allow, roughly, only one dispensary every four blocks and is on top of existing restrictions that only allow dispensaries in four particular areas of the city.

According to MedMen, the restriction means that only a maximum of seven dispensaries would be allowed in Miami Beach. However, Florida law says that local governments only have two choices – they can either ban medical marijuana dispensaries completely or they can apply the same restrictions to the dispensaries that are applied to pharmacies. Either way, the local governments cannot place a number on the maximum amount of dispensaries allowed.

Florida lawmakers repealed a ban on smokable medical marijuana earlier this month. The Sunshine State allows medical marijuana on a certified doctor’s recommendation and there are reportedly over 190,000 cardholders now in the state.