Medical marijuana edibles are coming to Florida

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Trulieve partners with a marijuana confectioner to bring new sweets to the Sunshine State

Trulieve, a medical marijuana provider based out of Quincy, FL, is bringing marijuana edibles to the state. It has signed a deal with Bhang, a company that offers the “most-awarded line of cannabis chocolate bars on the planet,” to allow residents of the Sunshine State to enjoy sweets that could also help alleviate a number of ailments.

According to Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers, “We continue to look for partnerships that will benefit our patients and continue to provide relief in a safe, dependable manner. As an international, award-winning brand and customer favorite, Bhang’s flavorful, consistent, and reliable products will truly enhance what we can offer to our patients.”

Bhang is currently waiting for approval from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, part of Florida’s Department of Health. The edible products are already legal, in accordance with state statutes, but regulations have not yet been finalized that will allow them to reach widespread distribution.

Bhang products are already available in several other states, including Michigan, New Mexico and California. The company was founded by a professional chef and master chocolatier, Scott Van Rixel, who is also in the process of creating online sales and distribution networks for Illinois, Germany and Canada. By the end of next year, the company also anticipates being found in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Puerto Rico.

Trulieve will be the exclusive partner to Bhang in Florida. Explained Van Rixel, “Trulieve is an outstanding cannabis company with extensive knowledge, resources, and passion in everything they do and we believe that this partnership will be a great fit for Bhang in Florida.”

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