Medical cannabis can reduce pain in cancer patients, according to new study

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Ongoing research continues to find benefits in the use of cannabis to fight cancer

After the concrete and vast scientific evidence linking cannabis to cancer, there should be no doubt that the plant has great benefits for this type of patients. Published late last week, a Technion study comes to make clear once again that medical marijuana has an efficacy capable of fighting cancer pain.

The peer-reviewed study indicated that for most cancer patients, pain levels and other types of symptoms improved markedly after they consumed medical cannabis. As is well known, cancer leads to unpleasant symptoms, ranging from anxiety to depression and insomnia, not to mention the horrible pain caused by treatment. It is evident that all this together makes the patient’s quality of life worse, which could even negatively affect the prognosis.

Author David Meiri, assistant professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, explained, “Traditionally, cancer-related pain is mainly treated by opioid analgesics, but most oncologists perceive opioid treatment as hazardous, so alternative therapies are required.” While analgesics have a high level of effectiveness, some can come with unwanted side effects. In addition, many of them are highly addictive and can cause death from overdose.

Patients completed anonymous questionnaires before starting treatment and again at various times over the next six months. After analyzing the data, researchers found that the vast majority of patients reported noticeable improvements and that opioid use was significantly reduced. It seems that medical cannabis alone is enough to get rid of the bothersome symptoms caused by cancer.