Massachusetts yanks dispensary’s license over health concerns

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Mass Wellspring was found to have violated a number of regulations

Massachusetts is serious about ensuring that the marijuana industry plays by the rules. Several dispensaries have already had their operations halted by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) for violating regulations and another has just been added to the list. If you want to sell cannabis products in Massachusetts, be prepared to follow the state’s procedures, or you won’t last long.

The CCC conducted a couple of surprise inspections of the Mass Wellspring dispensary on January 31 and February 1. The dispensary, which is located in Acton, was found to be in violation of a number of rules, including operations that related to data storage, security and recordkeeping.

As of February 7, Mass Wellspring was ordered to “cease and desist from cultivating, processing and dispensing” medical marijuana until the CCC takes further action. That action could be a permanent suspension of the dispensary’s license or, if Mass Wellspring is able to take corrective measures, the lifting of the suspension.

Specifically, the dispensary was found to be storing marijuana products that didn’t comply with regulations. Secondary storage vaults were located in unapproved rooms and there was a lack of security camera coverage in the vault area, as well as the facility. Additionally, Mass Wellspring was found to have been purchasing wholesale cannabis that did not include properly labeling or requisite test results.

The company has also applied for a recreational license. However, that license will be a long shot, even if it is able to correct its current deficiencies.

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