Massachusetts town to hold marijuana vote today

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Plainville, Massachusetts residents invited to a town meeting this evening

This evening, a special town meeting will be held for residents of Plainville, Massachusetts. On the agenda is a vote to determine how the residents want to address retail marijuana businesses within the city’s limits or if only medical marijuana businesses should be allowed. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 PM and will be held at Wood School off Route 106.

The measure at hand will give voters the opportunity to decide if they want to ban recreational and commercial marijuana establishments in the city. Plainville’s finance committee opposes the measure, which would still see medical marijuana businesses allowed in the city.

Another item to be considered is the cancellation of a moratorium scheduled to end December 31. That moratorium covers recreation and medical marijuana dispensaries and was put in place to give Plainville time to prepare for the businesses. If the moratorium is canceled, new rules and designated locations would be created for medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as for recreational and commercial marijuana establishments.

Those regulations could include, among other things, no marijuana establishments within 500 feet of public facilities such as libraries, playgrounds, parks or schools. Additionally, a 3% tax on retail marijuana sales could be introduced.

When medical marijuana was put on the state ballot in 2012, and recreational marijuana in 2016, Plainville residents showed overwhelming support for the measures. If the ban on recreational facilities is not approved, an area of Route 1 north of Route 106 could soon be home to select number of establishments.