Massachusetts tops the $4B mark with recreational cannabis sales

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The state is finding a lot of success with recreational cannabis, helping shape the US industry

The recreational cannabis market in Massachusetts was officially launched in late 2018. It’s been more than four years, and sales in this market have already managed to surpass the $4-billion mark, according to an update shared by regulators last Friday. The Bay State appears to be contributing greatly to the marijuana industry, with the recreational market promising to grow even more as time goes on.

According to data recorded on Jan. 12 by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), gross marijuana sales reached $4,000,732,608. A little less than a year ago, the state reached the $3 billion mark, which is a clear indication of the steady growth of the industry.

This has been made possible by the efforts of the 265 licensed retailers in the state. In addition, consumers also have 14 delivery services in operation, which makes the demand for convenience very high. Last year, recreational cannabis sales reached $1,483,898,510 and it is likely to be an even higher figure by the close of 2023.

“Consumers’ demand for tested, quality cannabis products remains strong since Massachusetts became the first East Coast state to open adult-use stores in 2018 and delivery service in 2021,” CCC Executive Director Shawn Collins said in a press release. Collins adds that he is fairly confident about the upside in the Commonwealth even as new jurisdictions enter the game. In addition, regulators again made clear their commitment to promoting industry fairness, with more and more minority applicants getting the go-ahead to join the market.